The state of Utah has done a lot in recent years to position itself as one of the main hubs for tech companies in the United States, if not the world. Dubbed the “Silicon Slopes,” the area spanning from Salt Lake City to Provo is filled with top tech companies, making it an ideal place for graduates of DevMountain.

There are also a lot of tech Utah-based companies built around awesome collaborative cultures, where people love to work, but finding the option that best fits your needs may be difficult. With that in mind, we’ve reviewed surveys, awards, news reports, and statistical data from employment website Glassdoor to identify the 10 best companies to work for in Utah, all of which are looking for skilled developers.

So, once you finish your DevMountain bootcamp in Salt Lake City or Provo, and if you feel like sticking around, start your job search with a look at the 2018 Coolest Tech Companies to Work for in Utah.


Note: All companies are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of “coolness”.


You are no doubt familiar with Adobe’s products, but what you might not know is how great it is to work there. For starters, since the Utah branch of Adobe opened in 2009, the company has been dedicated to bringing thousands of jobs to the area, and continues to boost the Utah jobs economy. People continue to be drawn to Adobe thanks to their reputation for creativity and the plethora of resources to work with. Adobe is dedicated to helping employees to grow both personally and professionally, and will continue to inspire employees with their dedication social and community causes as one of the top tech companies in Utah.


It’s no surprise that BambooHR is amongst Utah’s best software companies to work for with an award-winning culture, having received Best Place to Work awards from Glassdoor, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Utah Business, and more. Though there are lots of fun perks like flexible hours, great company parties, and a fun office environment, the main thing that employees praise about working at BambooHR is the people themselves and a culture that is focused on mutual success, growth, and optimism.


Grow is a business intelligence software provider, offering SaaS tools designed to help growing companies reach their full potential. And while Grow’s products and services are certainly well received by clients, one thing that really sets Grow apart is employee satisfaction. Employees love working at Grow — giving it an almost perfect Glassdoor rating. Workers praise Grow’s culture, saying that they’re treated like family. Grow doesn’t skimp on the small stuff, either, maintaining a fully stocked kitchen for their workforce. Still not convinced? One reviewer says that working at Grow is “one of the best decisions [they’ve] made.”


As a company that provides tech solutions for hiring, it should be no surprise that HireVue knows a thing or two about company culture. This is a company that has garnered a reputation for caring about employees and giving them space to succeed, aided by their 10 “AttriVutes.” On top of this, HireVue provides generous added bonuses such as a flexible work environment, unlimited PTO, and free open mic/TED talk-style lunches.

Recently included on’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in Utah, online clothing marketplace is definitely going places. It also has a great culture, focusing on a small town vibe and creating a home away from home. With ping pong, foosball, hoverboards, in-office lunches, fully stocked kitchen, game room, smoothies, parties and more, you’ll soon be drinking the Kool Aid and living the #JaneLife.

Jive Communications

Jive would be a great place to work if just for the strides it’s making in VoIP, but as a company, they’re becoming just as famous for their culture. On their website, they proudly proclaim that 10,000 free sodas and counting have been consumed by their development team, but the perks go beyond free drinks. As a “Jiver,” you can expect comprehensive benefits, a multitude of company-wide activities, costume competitions, and year-round service opportunities for employees, ranging from blanket drives, book donations, and tutoring, to spending time with veterans. Following the trend with other top tech companies, In 2017, Jive was listed as one of the 50 companies where women most like to work.

Lucid Software

Located in South Jordan, Lucid has become one of the strongest software companies in Utah that employs hundreds of employees. Lucid’s resume is impressive: they have won multiple Best Companies to Work For awards, as well as being named among the fastest growing tech companies in Utah. If you work for Lucid, you can expect tons of perks like health benefits and stock options, as well as bonus benefits like yearly company retreats, ping pong and foosball, free pizza and barbecues, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Online retailer is another one of the tech companies in Salt Lake that is incredibly proud of its Utah roots. Its Overstock Peace Coliseum is located just south of Salt Lake City. At Overstock, you’ll join a team composed of “game changers, problem solvers, and collaborators,” and one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the country. As an Overstock employee, you can enjoy an array of benefits such as onsite daycare and bike storage, tuition reimbursement, an onsite health clinic, wellness program, and more.


Simplus is another on the list of Utah technology companies based in Sandy, but with locations all across the United States. Simplus prides itself not only on offering a fast-paced work environment, but also on management who care just as much about employees’ well being as they do about making money. At this company, you will be given the freedom to do your job and try new things, boosted by a remote work policy and full benefits package. It’s no wonder that Solus has been widely recognized for these advantages; with a slew of culture awards from USA Today, Business Insider, and more, Simplus certainly has the credentials to back up its place on this list.

Vivint Solar

As a company that provides solar power for homes across the country, Vivint Solar is naturally dedicated to a vision of sustainability, and has won a Community Impact Award from the Utah Governor’s Office. That philosophy trickles down through every department and employee. As for the IT department, take it from one employee: “Their IT department absolutely rocks. They use the newest tech out there while trying to disrupt the green energy industry. I mean who else uses GraphQL, serverless functions, and react native while also contributing to open source?”

So there you have it, our picks for the 2017 Coolest Tech Companies to Work for in Utah. Have a company in mind that should have made the list of best tech companies to work for in Utah? Let us know in the comment section below!

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    Posted December 28, 2017 at 11:48 am 0Likes

    Control4 won’t win many or any awards for their kitchen, PTO perks or foosball table (if there is one) but if you’re really looking for “Utah’s COOLEST TECH Company to WORK for”, it’s hands-down Control4, headquartered in Draper, Utah.

    As the worldwide leader in smart homes, they’re continuously perfecting what’s called ‘Whole Home Automation’, connecting everything in your home to your phone, tablet, TV and watch. putting total control in your hands 24/7 with one app –in one tap.

    Imagine building an app that can control or schedule every system and device in your home: Lighting, Entertainment, Security, Comfort, Cameras, Pool, Shades etc. with world class solutions that put Apple, Google, Samsung and even Amazon to shame.

    The biggest perk of working at Control4 is what you do between breaks: Creating seamless, elegant solutions for the toughest everyday problems that every homeowner or renter needs. For coolness, no Utah (or U.S.) company even comes close.

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