At DevMountain, we’ve had thousands of students come through our doors to learn the development and design skills they need to start a career in any industry. At the end of their bootcamp experience, they are ready to compete for some the best jobs out there — where they can be challenged to grow in their career while enjoying great company culture.  

As our number of graduates continues to increase, we’ve found that our grads are finding jobs all over the country. So, we’ve been creating these “Coolest Tech Companies” lists so that they can get a good idea of where to start looking for a job that fulfills their career goals. In this “Coolest Tech Companies” list, we’re featuring some of the top tech companies to work for in Las Vegas, Nevada.

*Below we’ve listed in alphabetical order our Las Vegas top picks. 


Aristocrat is the first major gaming company to establish their headquarters in Summerlin, AZ. Construction on Aristocrat’s new headquarters will be done late 2018 and will be home to 600+ employees. Employees enjoy great health and retirement benefits. The new, massive, facility is close to Summerlin’s 150-mile trail system, two public golf courses, and several parks. Aristocrat expects to see great things come from their new headquarters. 


Boxed is a quickly growing startup company that is currently disrupting the grocery industry. In 2016, Forbes named Boxed as one of their next billion dollar startups. Big things are happening for Boxed, and employees love the never-ending snacks and endless amounts of opportunities to serve within their community. And, to top it all off, the CEO of Boxed pays the college tuition for the children on Boxed employees.  


Eleks has won an outstanding amount of awards over the most recent years. Awards like, Top Web and Software Developers and Top Blockchain Technology Companies. Not only is Eleks striving to be the best at what they do, they also offer opportunities for their employees to continue growing in their career. For example, the company has organized more than 800 internal and 300 external educational events and various engineering courses. Eleks also has a bonus system for the company’s employees, rewarding their high performance in education. And while finding more opportunities to increase your wealth in knowledge is great initiative, Eleks also holds many team building and sporting events to help their team members grow closer together. Elks is definitely one of the top tech companies of 2018. 


Influential is working to match brands with audiences all through transparent data and machine learning on social media platforms. In 2018, they were recognized as one of the best tech startups in Nevada. Although the company is experiencing major growth, they have managed to keep their family-centered culture. And, employees love the free catered lunch every day. Employees also enjoy Influential’s remote work policy and in-office happy hour. 


IStreamPlanet is revolutionizing TV technology by creating leading-edge technology to solve the core challenges of OTT media. In other words, they’re creating high-quality videos for leading sports and entertainment brands. As if what they’re doing isn’t intriguing enough, iStreamPlanet offers great benefits to their employees. For example, they have a work from home policy that employees love taking advantage of. And, iStreamPlanet loves team building games–including bumper cars.


Pigeonly is improving communities through creating a more simple, affordable way to communicate with inmates from any phone, tablet, or computer.  For those wanting to use Pigeonly’s unique inmate-to-family product, they provide free service for everyone trying it out for the first time. Employees love the company Flyaway Program–a program that allows an employee to have an all-expense paid five-day trip.


Switch is a technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation that has set the standard for data center designs, construction and operations. Switch also creates internships for students, externships for professors and an education continuity funnel that begins at the high school level and culminates into job opportunities with SUPERNAP. In every Switch location, including Las Vegas, the company works hard to promote social responsibility. Several members of the leadership team are known keynote speakers. 


Zappos started as an online show retailer, helping consumers find the exact shoes they’re looking for. Now, Zappos is part of the Amazon family and offers more than shoes. They have been added to several “Best Tech Companies to Work for” lists. Employees enjoy a forty percent discount on all Zappos products and free dry cleaning and shoe shinning services. Zappos also puts a huge emphasis on physical and mental health. Because of that, they provide a gym and a library to their employees. Zappos is one of the best companies based in Las Vegas.