Learn Web Development in 13 Weeks

Learning web development in thirteen weeks may sound impossible, but thirteen weeks is enough time to learn the basics so you can pursue junior-level development jobs in the industry. Obviously, mastering development of any type takes years of hard work and dedication. But, if you’re wanting to know how to learn web development quickly so you can change your career, then you may be interested in immersive coding bootcamps, like Devmountain. After all, thirteen weeks will pass no matter what, so you might as well learn coding.

Start By Finding Your Motivation to Learn Web Development

Start By Finding Your Motivation to Learn Web Development

Maybe you want to learn web development because you heard the tech industry has snacks and Ping Pong tables. Or, maybe you’re interested in finding a job that pays better than your current one. No matter what your reason is for wanting to learn web development, finding your motivation is necessary if you want to learn this new skill quickly and enter the tech field.

If you’ve never tried coding before, you should probably spend a few hours trying it out before you commit to learning web development and working in the field full-time.

Figure Out What You Need to Learn Web Development Quickly

Figure Out What You Need to Learn Web Development Quickly

Once you’ve decided that web development is for you and you’ve found your motivation to learn it, then you need to figure out exactly what you need to learn web development quickly. You’ll need to find answers to how you’ll find the material you need, the time you need, the structure you need, and the focus you need. If you can find all of that online at no cost, then that’s great.

If you need some help making sure you have the resources and structure you need to make the most of your initial web development learning experience, then you can check out Devmountian. Our web development community can help you succeed.

Get Support to Learn Web Development and Change Your Career

Get Support to Learn Web Development and Change Your Career

One of the most important things you’ll need on your journey to learn web development and change your career is support. Hopefully, your friends and family are there for you, but they may not be in the world of tech, so gaining even more acute support can ease this transition period. One way to make sure you have support from the tech community is to study within the field.

Coding bootcamps like Devmountain are changing the way people enter the tech world, and we can help you, too. Join like-minded peers, mentors, instructors, and employers in our community.

For a week-by-week breakdown of our Web Development course, you can get the course outline.

We Want to Know: What Are You Doing for the Next 13 Weeks?

Web Development courses start frequently at Devmountain, so you can view the upcoming cohort start dates and apply for the one that works best for you. If you have thirteen weeks you can devote to hard work and study, then you could change your career and find a job you love. By the end of the course, you'll know enough HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to enter the world of tech as a web developer.

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