Which Bootcamp Should I Take? iOS or Web?

If you know you want to study development in a bootcamp setting, you may come to a crossroads where you are faced with a decision to either study web or iOS development. So, what should you do? Well, it’s really up to you, but we can help you consider a few points.

Is iOS or Web More Beginner-Friendly?

Is iOS or Web More Beginner-Friendly?

When considering whether or not to study iOS or web development, especially in a bootcamp setting, you should ask yourself what your current skill level is with development and where you want it to be. Generally speaking, web development is more beginner-friendly than iOS development, so, if you are a beginner, take that into consideration.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the three basic components of web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, have beginner-friendly syntax, meaning they can be picked up more easily than the languages that make up iOS development, Swift and Objective-C.

Second, iOS development is a more specialized type of development, meaning there may not be as many solutions or tools at your disposal for solving problems when compared to web development. You may be more limited here.

Will iOS or Web Be Better for My Goals?

Will iOS or Web Be Better for My Goals?

You may want to start with the end in mind when considering whether to study iOS or web development because each one can help you accomplish different goals.

For instance, if you know your end goal is to develop mobile apps for Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, then the choice is pretty clear to study iOS.

However, if you want to develop web-based applications that can be accessed on non-Apple devices by a large pool of people, then web could help you achieve that goal.

Can I Study Web and iOS Development?

Can I Study Web and iOS Development?

Of course, a third option is to study both iOS and web development, so you can have the best of both worlds. If you choose to do this, it may be best to start with studying either iOS or web in a bootcamp setting before studying the other development type in the field.

Taking part in one 13-week bootcamp program is difficult, so studying both iOS and web development back-to-back in a bootcamp environment for twenty-six weeks might not be the best idea. You know yourself better than anyone else, though. You do you.

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